Unleash Your Potential!

10Xyourself – Your core skills, soft skills and career growth

A salesperson who’s thrilled at solving customer problems even if customer is not interested in the product

A developer who ships new features every single week even if ‘it was working only on my machine’

A digital marketer who can get Elon Musk to reply to DM on Twitter

A designer with ‘a functionality first, yet pixel perfect’ mindset

A product manager who can eliminate features to improve product’s value

That’s us, are you game?

#BuildForTheWorld and #SaaS

Hello there! 

Thank you for your interest with ConnectPlus.

If you’re looking to be  a core team member of an early-stage startup we have  exciting opportunities at ConnectPlus for you.

We’re passionate about building an innovative product of global standards that has customers and users globally. Imagine working from a garage or remotely, still thrilled to build for the world.

That’s you? Let’s Connect+

1.What’s in it for you?

  • Opportunity to 10X YOU, your core, soft skills and career growth
  • Be part of a mission building a cutting edge product which will be used globally
  • Impact how millions of members interact and benefit from a community in a better way.
  • Access to great mentors, resources and our network

2.What drives us?

The passion for building an innovative product of global standards that has customers and users globally.

There’re not many globally successful products like Slack, Airtable, Notion, Figma etc from India.

On a high level, we think it boils down to three factors.

1.An amazing product in a growing market

ConnectPlus is a mobile-first private community app best suited for professional groups, networks and communities, provided as SaaS.

2.Solid team to make it work

The team includes alumni from IIT Bombay and Columbia University who have worked with startups and corporates including Amazon, Microsoft and Infor.

3.Risk-taking and visionary partners

We’re looking for partners who are excited about #products,

3.Why #TimeIsNow?

2020s is about B2B SaaS.

“The future of marketing is community” – Seth Godin.

“The future of communities is private communities” – Industry experts

“Virtual communities are more relevant now than never before”

4.Industry leaders on ConnectPlus.

-Linkedin (Ex) India – Head Ops: – “ConnectPlus has a fresh approach on group communication and collaboration which I haven’t seen in any other products. It’s very lightweight and can also be used by non-tech savvy users.”

-Junglee founder (India’s first e-commerce venture, which got acquired by Amazon) – “This product has a great UI, it’s better than the product that we built as a Slack competition”

If this excites you, let’s Connect+


Team ConnectPlus

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